It’s been a while since I wrote anything, and since I’m at the FOSS4G2019 teaching and ranting about WebGL, it’s time to gather a few of my links. This is the list of links that I usually give away at the WebGL workshops I’ve been doing:
Extensive guide about programming shaders
Interactive The REPL & shader editor that I use in workshops
Another interacive shader editor, with some complex examples
Step-by-step tutorial on using stand-alone WebGL
Same as above, but for WebGL2
Full API documentation and some tutorials
Technology penetration statistics
Detailed iInformation about WebGL support in your browser /
Iván’s approach to tiled raster processing with WebGL /
Iván’s approach to displaying point data with a WebGL renderer

Some other libraries & frameworks:
Functional approach
High-level dataviz
Framework oriented to 3D scenes
Non-graphical math calculations